Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Top Five Tourist Destinations in Brazil for Britain Travel Enthusiasts

Brazil is one of the most beautiful countries in South America and is the fifth largest country of the world. It has incredible coastlines which are stretched of about 7500 km across the country. It has mind-blowing tourist destinations, pleasant weather, baking white sandy beaches and amazing wildlife. It has breathtaking islands and local streets packed with traditional music. It has magnificent Amazon rainforest, capturing the eyes of both international and local tourists. With flights to Brazil, you can get a lifetime experience.

All you need to do is get enough information about Brazil cities and major airports so that you can reserve your airline ticket in advance without spending more money. Sao Paulo Airport is among the most popular airports in Brazil since it carries a lot of flights throughout the year.  Other leading Brazil airports are known as Natal Airport, Brasilia International Airport, Rio de Janeiro International Airport and some others.

The article speaks about the much loved top five tourist spots in Brazil:

Teatro Amazonas

It is a famous opera house building located in the center of Amazon Rainforest. The Manaus Opera House was built by La Gioconda in 1897. The opera house was built with marble, steel and ceramic tiles by the architect. The edifice of the Amazon Theater was covered with 36000 engraved ceramic titles. A special paint artwork was given to the building of the opera house. Due to lack of income sources, the Manaus Opera House was closed by the government. The Teatro Amazonas was reopened by the government in 2001 after 90 years of shutting down.

Fernando de Noronha

It is an awe-inspiring isle in Brazil since it has awesome beaches, amazing landscapes and a large flora and fauna. The isle is 220 miles away from the North East Coast of the country. Vespucci discovered the island in 1500s. The Fernando de Noronha consists of twenty one isles. It has a little population of approximately 3500 people. It has sere reefs. It’s a perfect tourist spot for meditation, yoga and jogging on the beach.


It is a peaceful tourist destination since it is a well-known colonial district situated nearby the North East Coast of Brazil. Located on the north of Recife, Olinda offers luxury resort hotels, restaurants, architecturally brilliant old buildings, work of art and unforgettable Olinda Carnival. If you can take a cheap flights to Brazil, you can surely enjoy the famous Olinda Carnival this year.

Salvador Beaches

Located on the Bahia State of Brazil, The Salvador beaches offer plenty of exciting things to see and do for the tourists like from lively music cafes to delicious foods, sea inlets to stunning sea waves, adrenaline junkies to surfing and sand castles to much more. The place has nice and serene beaches with beautiful sunshine. The Salvador beaches offer a great enjoyment to the kids.

Iguacu Falls

Situated in Brazil Argentina Border, the group of Iguacu Falls has around about 257 falls falling noisily on the IguaƧu River. There is one 269 feet long fall, which is known as the “Devil’s Throat”. One part of the Iguacu Falls is located in Brazil whereas the other part of these falls is situated in the land of football, Argentina. This place has its own aura and beauty.

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